Hi! I’m Avery!

As a 22-year-old student in Los Angeles, it is often times hard to come by opportunities to be doing what I love. In this day and age, we are systemically pushed into full on careers straight out of our post grad years rather than experimenting in creative outlets that are perhaps a bit less regimented.

With that said, as a 22-year-old English writing major, there are not too many corporate head honchos knocking down my door with opportunities. The blogosphere, however, is a great outlet to give young writers a chance to experiment with their creativity and reach audiences that expand across the globe. When I first heard about Colabination, I was immediately on board: I loved the idea of young people coming together to promote art via fashion. 

Being based in L.A., you can expect a whole smorgasbord of posts coming from me! After spending time in both New York and L.A., I would say that I have taken a tip from the street stylists of both cities and have come to merge them into one. While New York style is sharp and monochromatic, L.A. style is experimental and laid-back. While New York has its many different boroughs, L.A. has hundreds of little pockets of the city, each defined by something different. Growing up in Wilmington, Delaware, I needless to say was not observing street style on a day to day basis. The biggest digression of fashion norms was if someone wore their uniformed pleated skirt just a little too short (scandal!).

In a city like Los Angeles, where people define themselves so wholly by their art, I have come to truly appreciate all of what that encompasses. While L.A. houses some of the biggest entertainers in the world, creativity goes beyond film here. The fashion world holds just as much stake in L.A. as film does and being able to observe this form of expression is truly inspiring.

In working with the Colabination team, we have cooked up some great ideas for some really cool posts in the future! You can expect tons of candid street-style pictures, guides to some of the greatest boutiques, and much more! Whether you’re reading from L.A., New York or even Wilmington, Delaware, there is something for everyone: inspiration!