Hello I’m Lucas,

I’m 20 years old and I live in Portland. I moved here in the last six months from Orange County to get more opportunities to write and go to school. I’ve worked at newspapers and radio stations, but most of my work I’ve put out through my own blog. A lot of what I do revolves around working with different mediums.  I like to let the story dictate how best to use tools like video, audio, photos, and writing.


My background in fashion is mostly connected to music and skateboarding.  I grew up skateboarding and as I got older that grew more into going to punk shows.  Like how I put down a skateboard and became more involved in music, I eventually picked up writing about my favorite bands instead of ripping song ideas off of them. The more I write the further I stray from music, what I want to be is well versed in everything.

Portland is a mix of things. Nike’s the big thing here. There is very little diversity. It’s known for food. It’s got a strange reputation for being weird. The state as a whole is pretty conservative, yet it's major city is one of the most progressive places in the Country. It’s cheap to start a business and there aren’t a lot of government regulations on small business.  Almost every city has an area known for cool bars and hip boutique shops, but in Portland that stuff is everywhere you go.  There isn’t one street where the younger people hangout, the city is built between four or five neighborhoods where everyone congregates. Stay tuned to get a closer look!

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