A man in a perfectly tailored shirt is simply irresistible. A woman in a perfectly tailored shirt…well, they’re few and far between. Not the women, of course, but the shirt—the shirt perfectly crafted to fit any woman size 0 to 16. But ladies, the struggle no longer has to be real. New York designer Meredith Banzhoff is designing to cease it.

Banzhoff has been bringing the sophisticated woman the tailored shirt uniquely crafted for their physique since the brand’s launch in 2012. According to Banzhoff, the focus behind the fitted dress shirt is to provide women with an item they feel confident in, that won't pucker but  shows off their curves nonetheless.



With each passing season, Banzhoff has expanded her label’s breadth to new endeavors, showcasing dress shirts, sweaters, shirt dresses and even an infinity scarf, all available online. Don’t be surprised if while perusing through your favorite boutique you find that perfect dress shirt with a familiar label. Meredith Banzhoff specializes in wholesale and has been featured in boutiques all along the East Coast and has even ventured out west to cities like Chicago.

The selling point for the Isabella Perfect Fit Shirt to the Camille Shirt Dress is the fit and quality. When marketing to buyers, Banzhoff said they will either like it or they won't. Meredith Banzhoff is not an edgy, fashion forward brand, but a label that is timeless; the garments can be worn season after season.


Unlike many other names in fashion, Meredith Banzhoff designs do not carry a logo or emblem. Banzhoff prefers her brand to abstain from being label driven. In essence, the garments speak for themselves without the prestige of a label tainting the actual appeal of the garment.
Banzhoff did get crafty, however, with a little signature piece on her garments. Banzhoff has transformed the gusset found on men’s shirts, traditionally used to help keep men’s shirts tucked in, to a colorful detail.
In the future, Banzhoff hopes to grow to become a lifestyle brand, following a similar path as that travelled by Ralph Lauren, who according to Banzhoff—she has long admired as a businessman who grew his brand into a household name. It’s quite coincidental actually that Banzhoff had worked in the same place, holding the same position as Ralph Lauren—at Paul Stuart in the tie pit. They had both bid adieu to launch their own lines.

For now, she plans to focus on limited products to make Meredith Banzhoff recognizable in the eye of the cluttered market. Communicating a consistent message clearly is key. Of course it is fun to be creative and design it all, but Banzhoff doesn’t want to become another ‘me too.’

On her journey to future show-stopping successes, Banzhoff is enjoying the party. Yes, the party. According to Banzhoff designing can be equated to party planning. A finished product is like cutting the cake and the celebration commences.

Meredith Banzhoff products are all made in the USA! Be sure to check her out online and at her newsletter.

By Michelle Foti