The ‘woman on the go’ doesn’t have time to be weighed down by all the different components of her day. Between work, the gym, to a night out --including her lunch break in between-- you can imagine she'd begin to resemble a human coat rack, with three or more bags hanging off her as she travels through the subway. Luckily Sherrill Mosee and the team at MinkeeBlue put an end to this madness.

Their philosophy is to give every woman a handbag as “versatile and fashion-forward as she is.” Mosee made it very clear that her goal was to be able to consolidate as many events as a busy day could hold into a singular bag. The Basic Travel bag can convert a laptop sleeve, an insulated lunch pouch, and multiple pockets and compartments to one visually appealing and fashion-forward handbag. The zippered compartments make these components as easy to set up as they are to take down just in case the bag is only needed for one purpose.

Mosee stumbled upon this idea for the versatile yet trendy handbag while working with a non-profit company. This specific non-profit, Family Care Solutions, worked to “promote higher education among low-income women with children.” Mosee reflected on her time there and said, “Women would walk in with their diaper bag, lunch bag, laptop bag, and their purse. I wanted to get rid of all the excess.” The bags created by MinkeeBlue give power to their owners.

Women can now control how they utilize their bags and when each division is needed, eliminating the need for three or four bags a day.

Each woman who uses our bags are different. Whether she is a mom, a fitness enthusiast, or a city gal—she has lots of activities throughout the day. She needs to be able to manage her day with just one bag.
— Sherrill Mosee


She also mentioned that most owners also spare some space for supplies for a hobby--knitting, reading, writing, etc.-- because incorporating “me time” is just as important into the everyday routine.

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By Elly Perlowitz

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