Ever since Colabination was created, our mission has been to work with and empower the best undiscovered indie brands and contemporary designers to be heard. However, unlike many communities our there, we're doing this collaboratively.  

It is our purpose to make sure that each and every designer, partner, influencer and business we collaborate with believes in what we believe- And that is in collaboration in all ways, always.

Our latest collaboration is with L.A’s 2Easy crew: Lil Za, Kahlil, and Lil Twist, who are also influencers in Justin Bieber’s entourage. In the coming months, you can expect these streetwear icons to be repping your favorite Colabination brands on their Instagram’s and in the streets.

Lil Za recently won his first boxing match held at Valley College in Los Angeles on April 24. You can be sure that Bieber and the rest of his crew came out to support while Za rocked some custom Colabination shorts.

Check some exclusive images below, learn more about the crew and stay tuned!

By Brooke Decker