Social media is an integral tool for networking and getting your brand’s name out there. Word of mouth has always been essential in gaining consumers, and with today’s technology, it’s never been easier. Apps and social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are free tools that can do just that. Content sharing on these sites gains exposure and brings you closer to your targeted market. Among these marketing tools is Pinterest, an online community that allows for visual discovery, collecting and sharing through the use of mostly photos. Users can browse and post (or “pin”) items to their board for others to look at and share.

A study by Semiocast, a French social media agency, reported in July 2013 that the site had 70 million users worldwide. Another report by Venturebeat, when speaking on behalf of Sephora, said that “Pinterest followers spend 15x more than our Facebook fans.” The site has features that make building a brand and generating sales very easy. Features such as Pin Alerts send notifications to your inbox every time someone pins content from your website, and also shows who pinned it, giving you a better idea of what products people are interested in and who your biggest audience is. Pinerly is another feature that helps measure the success of Pinterest campaigns and allows users to track likes, repins, and clicks. Basically, this platform gives you more information about your consumer and which products are most popular amongst them.

They also offer Pinterest for Business as opposed to a personal account. This makes reaching and impacting your target audience easier, and you can join for free. They provide simple, comprehensive guides on how to navigate and use the site, as well.The exposure Pinterest offers is incomparable to other social media sites nowadays. Just one pin of your content by someone else can make a huge impact. If a user with 2,000 followers pins your content on one of their boards, that gives your brand that many more views in just one click, and so on, re-pin after re-pin.

Pinterest is a free form of publicity and advertising. Even ads on the site generate obscene amounts of money. The way people socialize and shop is evolving and Pinterest is growing with the changes. Adapting to those changes can be vital to a brand’s success and growth. This day in age, an online presence can ultimately determine the rise or demise of a business. Pinterest is an easy, free way to create a brand identity and generate capital.

By Leslie DiCarlo

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