We love the inspiration behind this NYC-based brand. Composure founder Kyle knows the power of millennials and uses that to his advantage when designing while taking all he's learned from the business and applying it to creating a strong brand identity. This fusion is represented in his scarves- where two unexpected materials, colors, or patterns are fuzed together to create something beautiful. We got a little personal with Kyle and learned how Composure came to be and why you should be keeping the city of Milwaukee on your radar. 


1. What was the final straw that made you say “These clothes aren't fun or representative of my personality. I’m gonna make my own!”? 

Composure is in small part a way to fill a product gap in the fashion world, but in large part a way to have a larger social conversation that hasn't been taking place. There's lots of conversation about how an ambitious young generation of millennials are changing everything, with lots of traditional businesses struggling to keep up. And there's lots of vaguely inspirational conversation about following one's passion, but not a lot of conversation about finding that vision in the first place, or how to use the tools of business to make it real. I spent years working in trends & innovation consultancies talking about these things and writing about the independent businesses that are doing it well. The final straw for me was the realization that I spent so long just talking about this change, and not any time making it real myself. Composure is a way for me to take the lessons learned over years of researching innovation and change, and use them to build a world of my own—one that resonates with this ambitious young generation and helps them put their art into the world through authentic creative business. 


2. What’s your fave city to get design inspiration? 

Last year I passed through Milwaukee visiting a few different creative co-working & innovation collectives. I didn't expect much at all coming in, but was left feeling genuinely blown away by the amount of creative energy there. With a little bit of time, they may surprise us all. 


3. What is your favorite early 2000s hip hop song? (the more embarrassing the better)

 N.E.R.D., Rockstar. But I didn't listent to much hip hop in the 2000's. I have SO MANY embarrassing scene-kid favorites from the emocore world though. 


4. Cheap beer or Craft Beer? 

Well-made craft beer to start the night, cheep bear as the night goes on and I remember it less. I consider it the best of both worlds. 




5. Your friend who you're not really into "that way" has just asked you out on a date. You don't want to turn him/her down, so you ask to choose the location to keep it as platonic as possible. Where do you choose? 

Here's a fun story instead: the second time I met my now-girlfriend, I was trying to kill two birds with one stone by also meeting with another friend I hadn't run into in awhile (at the time I didn't think the now-girlfriend and I were going to date). My other friend chose the venue, a meetup group about 'the future of activism." It was incredibly boring and weird and for some reason there was footage of an elephant being born; frankly it's a miracle her and I ended up dating. She later told me that at the time she very nearly stopped trying to pursue anything, so I'm assuming the right answer to the question "platonic as possible" is "future of activism meetups." 

Thanks for checking out our chat with Kyle of Composure! We love his take on business, fashion, and life in general and we hope you did too! Don't forget to get your own original Composure piece to add a brand with a great story to your closet. Shop Composure here.