Skinny Tie Madness is all about giving guys more options when it comes to the classic suit & tie combo. The brand started in NYC, when founder Parth saw little variety in the choices he had to add a unique pop to his outfit. You can shop their showroom HERE! 

This brand is all about finding your own styles and expressing yourself through your clothing. We spoke to Parth about how NYC inspired him to start this line and what his beer of choice has been from high school until today.


1. What was the final straw that made you say “These clothes aren't fun or representative of my personality. I’m gonna make my own!”? One day I walked into a prominent store expecting to find a nice selection of skinny ties but much to my disappointment I only saw 3 different options.  I was so fed up I decided right then to make my own ties.


2. What’s your fave city to get design inspiration? New York City, my home!  I can step outside of my apartment and find all the inspiration I need.


3. What is your favorite early 2000s hip hop song? (the more embarrassing the better) Jagged Edge "Where the party at".  Any time this song comes on I automatically start dancing like a Pavlov dog.


4. Cheap beer or Craft Beer? I spent my high school days drinking Coors Light and that's still my beer of choice.


5. Your friend who you're not really into "that way" has just asked you out on a date. You don't want to turn him/her down, so you ask to choose the location to keep it as platonic as possible. Where do you choose? Definitely day time, definitely not alcohol in site.  Possibly a charity race or something of that sort.


Thanks for checking out this highlight and we hope you learned a thing or two about Skinny Tie Madness. We're stoked to have them on board! Don't forget to beat the dapper gentleman's blues, shop their Colabination showroom!