Trimmings and baubles and buttons, oh my!  Martha Jackson, owner and designer of Restored by Design, was as beautiful and charming as her boutique. Right when I stepped through the door I immediately noticed the rosy, rustic, and bohemian atmosphere that her designs and aesthetics radiated and her calm demeanor that added to the ambiance of the store. She took me through the history of the brand, the materials she uses for her creations, and the inspiration for her newest collection that will be shown at StyleWeek Northeast in February. 


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I was first drawn to Martha when I discovered her jewelry online. She plays with materials like wooden beads, vintage glass, semi-precious stones and trinkets to make necklaces, bracelets and earrings that I would personally consider "treasure" pieces in my jewelry box. Upon visiting her boutique, I realized Martha is an accomplished clothing designer to coincide with her jewelry collections- What a pleasant surprise. She uses materials like Japanese silk and cotton, vintage lace, organza, and, shockingly, curtains!Shortly into the conversation, I noticed she is very in tune with nature and is environmentally conscious.

Her designs are "reclaimed and reinvented," using vintage material to form a modern creation. My absolute favorite piece in the boutique is the one pictured to the right, which she decorated with compressed egg shell cartons, hand painted with epoxy in the shape of flowers (You  really have tosee to believe this). The other flower forms were made from vintage glass and lace. Martha's biggest inspirations come from color and the many shapes and forms of flowers. Her newest collection to be featured at StyleWeek Northeast is inspired by "sand and sea," which, personally, I'm stoked to see! 

Shopping local at boutiques like Restored by Design is important; it promotes style and doesn't focus on the wasteful trends of fast fashion. Restored by Design is a breath of fresh air to the misled consumer and embodies a romantic quality that cannot be found in a mall.  

Check out Restored by Design's Colabination Showroom & get a taste of something different. 


By Cassandra Kicak