Seat belt? Check. Mirrors adjusted? Check. Mobile boutique in tow? Check! 

The Runaway Fashion Truck is making its way around the New York/New Jersey area selling fun and timely fashions. Aside from the killer styles, the best thing about this boutique is that it comes to you! 

The Truck has just secured its permit to sell in Hoboken, N.J. just across the Hudson from the Big Apple. You wouldn’t believe the view from the waterfront! 


The Runaway Fashion Truck is a business started by Seton Hall alumna Emily Dell. Emily is the founder and CEO of the company as well as an account supervisor at Bliss Integrated Communication. 

And yes, the mobile boutique is an actual truck! The vehicle was outfitted for the inside to look like a boutique. They travel around the New York/New Jersey area in addition to hosting personal shopping parties. Dell started the company for two reasons. For one, she commutes from New Jersey to New York City every day and doesn’t have time to shop, so she wanted to create a fun and easy way for women to get together and shop. Also, as an alumna of Seton Hall, Dell remembers shopping being inconvenient in this area. 

On the experience of shopping in the truck, Dell said it offers the best of both worlds of shopping-online and in store. “For many, this bridges the best of both worlds: the convenience of online shopping and the in-person experience you need to truly gauge style and fit,” Dell said. Rather than receiving a package from your favorite online shop at your doorstep, you can invite this boutique into your home or office for a private party. 



“Our private parties have also been a hit again because of the convenience as well as the customization. Prior to the parties we pull looks that are appropriate for each guest based on their style preferences, size, and budget,” Dell said. 

According to Dell, the Runaway Fashion Truck pieces are original, so the fear of a ‘Who Wore it Best Battle’ can be effaced. They shop showrooms for merchandise and source from estate sales in addition to stocking the racks with designer labels. 

 “We carry a variety of labels from Lush to Jealous Tomato to Lucy Paris,” Dell said. “Most of the brands we carry feature timeless cuts, beautiful patterns and a slightly urban edge.”  

Beyond clothes, the truck has even more originality to offer.  “We feature our own accessories line, Heist, which is a collection of up-cycled vintage costume jewelry from across the decades,” Dell said. 


For those of you who are beyond the breadth of the Truck’s excursions, don’t worry! The Runaway Fashion Truck is in the process of planning an out-of-state tour. If you just can’t wait visit them online:

Website |  Facebook | @ShopTheRunway


By Michelle Foti