Man oh man! As a committee team member for San Francisco Fashion Week, we just had a whirlwind of a month planning and executing the biggest fashion week of the year.

The week consisted of 10 straight days of events such as, runway shows, blogger style events, fashion city tours, tech X fashion summits and of course, parties!  We worked with an abundance of talented designers that were showcasing their new collections. It was very exciting to see everyone’s work come down the runway.  

San Francisco has a unique fashion dynamic with a strong influence of modern tech, making it unlike any other Fashion Week.  Because of our close proximity to wearable tech powerhouses such as, Google, Fitbit and Apple, we are the first consumers to sport the newest smart accessory.  Incorporating the Apple Watch and Google Glasses into our everyday wardrobe is not unusual in SF, and sometimes are considered the highlight of an entire ensemble.

Fashion gets interesting when technology collaborates with Couture brands. This can be seen in the collaboration of, Opening Ceremony and Hermès. The two worlds merge and create a super sleek and functional style. SFFW embraces our tech roots and we invite many tech professionals to showcase their fashion tech products including, fashion inspired apps and gadgets. Tech professionals can also participate in hackathons.


Unlike NYFW, SF keeps their Fashion Week more low key with a focus on small indie designers and brands. Being that we are so close to Silicon Valley, we have a culture of embracing entrepreneurs and celebrating small business.  They know the power of the driven individual and love being ahead of the curve and partaking in the next big thing.
Highlights from the Runway

My favorite men’s collection was featured at the Ready-to-Wear Runway Show. HEISEL X McMacular came together to create head to toe urban men’s street wear.  

Oakland based designer Jocelyn Bada debuted her women’s Futa Kashmir knitwear line. Her luxurious soft textiles and barely there cuts brings sexy out to play.

Stay tuned for next year:

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By Gennifer Rose,