1. Curiios

“Powerhouse by day and a party junkie by night” - that’s the kind of person Curiios is intended to appeal to. With geometric prints and monochromatic colors adorning loose-fitting tees and funky socks, the Curiios shopper (both male and female) can add some casual edge to even the most professional outfit.

2. Relentless Clothing Company

More than simply an apparel brand, Relentless represents a lifestyle of determination and strength. Show off your relentless attitude with crop tops, off-the-shoulder tees, and boxy tank tops donning powerful messages.

3. New World Culture

“We do not follow trends, we set them” declares the website of New World Culture. Edgy tees and bold caps define this Arizona brand, and the company’s Instagram is also a haven of major street wear inspiration.

4. Modest Arrogance

We could all use a bit more confidence. That’s the aim of Modest Arrogance, which strives to spread just a bit more self-assurance in the men and women who rock their bold sweaters and tees.

5. Just Blaze

Posters, snapback caps, and spray paint cans are all urban fashion staples sold by Just Blaze. Affordable t-shirts and tank tops with funky designs can also bulk up the “street wear” section of any closet.

6. YRF Clothing 


Who doesn’t want to be young, rich and famous? YRF Clothing can help get you there with their declarative logo tees.

7. Highly Perfected

Highly Perfected aims to provide “for those who accept nothing short of perfection.” Strive for your own view of perfection with the brand’s sporty sneakers, skinny jeans and artsy pillows.

8. Hythe Brand

Consider this your one-stop shop for casual beanies and caps, logo tees and graffiti-inspired posters. Feast your eyes upon the brand website’s bright photos of rainbow-colored hair and intricate tattoos amid sunny Phoenix scenery.

9. Overthrow Clothing 


Animal print and crisp button-ups make Overthrow different from other street wear brands, but edgy tees and printed tanks keep the brand edgy and cool.

10. We Are Ruthless


What do you expect from a brand whose logo is a crown? Patchwork denim and bold statement tees aim to make customers feel like royalty.

By Libby Alnatt