Stress, anxiety, lack of sleep: all unwelcome bonuses when starting up in the competitive business world. When it comes to survival, what separates the highly successful moguls from the rest?

Successful people simply don’t have the time to take that two-hour Vinyasa yoga class before every important investor meeting, nor do they have time for a routine deep-tissue massage after working a twelve-hour day. Instead of indulging in traditional “de-stress” methods, these people develop alternative, and perhaps unusual ways to cope, and our very own Scott Latham falls into this category.

Tech Cocktail documented 13 startup founders’ weird habits for de-stressing. From posting pictures of parakeets, to listening to Lana Del Rey, startup founders everywhere are finding ways to release tension.

Our favorite: Scott and his karate kicks, of course! Every once in a while, Scott will bust out in full Jackie Chan formation during a meeting to remind the team that creativity stems from brain stimulation and a little bit of fun.

And this isn’t Scott’s only strategy to de-stress. From dancing around with our CFO Ryan Erfer complete with unicorn masks on their heads, to impromptu trips to Ikea to give himself as many new perspectives as an entrepreneur could possibly desire, Scott ensures that the monotony of the business world never seeps into his creative startup.

Check out the whole article by Tech Cocktail reporter Camila Souza – and continue to use those punching bags, stream Pandora’s “Summer Hits of the 90s”, and devour an entire bag of sour patch kids – whatever quirky habit that works for you.