It all starts with a vision. A vision that leaps from the most creative depths of a designer’s mind onto the blank page of a sketchpad. The sketch is brought to life by the monotonous hum of a sewing machine in the industry where monotony is barred. And then you become the vision. A vision strutting down a city street or across a university campus donning a flawless design. But the vision of the designer ceases once the look ascends back up the runway behind the curtain.

For an undying vision, set your sights on VividVisionz.

The line founded by Seton Hall University student Nay-Quan Bloomer exudes positivity fronted by the double V logo. Beyond the VividVisionz logo is a motto of empowerment: “how vivid is your vision?”

You can spot the double V logo all over campus and even out in the major leagues—of celebrity tennis matches, that is. TV personality Jojo Simmons of “Run’s House” has been spotted sporting a VividVisionz bucket hat while playing tennis.

Bloomer has struck a collaboration with two Seton Hall students, one a physique competitor, the other a bodybuilder. In the gym, at the library, hanging in your own closet, the brand possesses vast versatility that anyone with a knack for optimism or aesthetically pleasing pieces can rock and make their own.

Graphic tees, bucket hats, beanies, snapbacks, crop tops, joggers, baseball jerseys and fitness apparel are among the visionary merchandise thus far. To improve your vision, you may think a fresh pair of glasses are essential, but to propel this vision forward, Bloomer has set his focus on a different accessory. YES, shoes!
Aside from being a student and designer, Bloomer is also an artist. And he is adding his artistic touch to footwear. Customizing all different shoes from stilettos to Timberlands, Bloomer said there is no limit to his designs. Teaming up with CMB Kicks of South Orange, Bloomer will be coming up with a Biggie and Tupac inspired pair as well as a pair inspired by Kanye West.

Bloomer’s vision extends beyond the ends of shirt sleeves and beyond the aglets of shoe laces. Bloomer wants to extend beyond the depths of one’s closet and enter the realm of one’s passion. As a multi-talented individual himself, Bloomer seeks to promote the talents of others. He termed his vision “a Broadway for all arts” where artists of all different realms, styles and genres could showcase their work to the world where they may not be given a chance otherwise.

Presently, most of VividVisionz sales are based out of SHU and on the brand’s site. But Bloomer hopes to open up a shop back home in upstate New York as a base for the brand.

You can check out the VividVisionz Visionariez of the day on Instagram @VVisionary_Quan.

A source of empowerment, a style of positivity; perhaps your next vision will be a VividVisionz #ootd.

By Michelle Foti