Trends are a cyclical and immortal being, it’s hard to pin-point exactly where a trend originates. They can come from all directions and there is no exact moment where a trend is born. I have a few theories of my own, however, that can help explain the general idea of fashion trends.

Let’s first start with the bigger designer labels. Many designers happen to create similar trends because they are all influenced and inspired from the same current and previous trends. Each season, when designers are searching for their next look, all of them are searching through the same resources and designing towards the same target audiences. Their books, media, and even street-inspiration is all the same. This tends to create similar ideas and create new fashion trends, such as the Fall '14 recurring trends of sportswear, fur, and the swingin’ 60s. These designers do not all get together and collaborate their ideas, in fact it’s quite the opposite, although I would pay good money to see Christian Louboutin and YSL sipping cocktails while discussing the various shades of red. These trends tend to start because they have similar resources and are heading in the same direction. Eventually the season’s runway styles trickle down into mass-market brands where they are more easily accessible to society, where they can purchase and delve into these trends themselves.

Trends also can start from the bottom up. Many designers, and just people in general, will take to the streets to find their next inspiration. Each of us has something unique to our individual selves and, no doubt, each of us has received inspiration from someone else’s style. We can take ideas from these different pieces of fashion and create a whole new look.

Many trends also originate in large cities, and where there’s large cities there is a higher concentration in the amount of people living in that area. If there is a larger amount of people in an area, there is going to be a greater amount of creative juices flowing and there will be a more eclectic mix of styles that can then turn into a trend.

So where do fashion trends originate? There is not one exact moment or place that we can pin-point and say, “This is where trends are created.” Instead, they come from all different sides of many spectrums and from all different directions. Sometimes these ideas will meet up at the same time and create a trend, and sometimes these ideas get sucked into the black hole where many lost trends end up (I know we all can think of a few). Through the use of millions of people’s creative and expressive voices trends can be created, and the amazing thing is that anyone can create one. So maybe your old sweater from ten years ago might be on next season’s runways. Most likely it won’t, but that’s the most exciting thing about fashion and trends: there are no rules. The next trend could be hidden anywhere, and each of us can help create it.

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By Kora Gibson

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