Until three months ago, I had never heard of Yoga Jewelry. I had heard of yoga but the thought had never crossed my mind that this exercise routine could be made into an accessory. Silly right? Well, I was in for a surprise.

On December 3rd, 2014, I attended my first Fashion Mogul class. My classmate was Zahara Jade, the visionary behind an emerging yoga jewelry line. Even crazier - she resides in Thailand but hails from Cleveland, OH. I was curious: what was the story behind such an amazing brand and woman?

During the six weeks of class, numerous chats, and our official interview, Zahara Jade’s story began to unfold. Zahara has a chronic illness that is an autoimmune disease and, at ten years old, she became dangerously sick. It seemed like the end of her world. However, it was not an ending, but instead a new beginning. Jewelry entered her life. Someone gave her a box of beads and she took them to the hospital with her. It was during these months of illness that she taught herself the art of jewelry making. Her zest for this hobby faded and as she grew up she chose to pursue the traditional path: college and a career. All the while, she made jewelry on the side.

Unfortunately, as she pursued a career in corporate America, she became severely sick again. She sought out the traditional forms of medicine but to no avail. Recognizing her desire to get well, Zahara’s doctor suggested she set up an appointment with a healer in Cleveland. She followed up on this suggestion and within two years, she became a new person. This newfound freedom fueled her fire to pursue her dream. It was no longer enough to only make jewelry on the side.

Inspired by her own experience with eastern medicine and energy, Zahara decided to create jewelry that had a purpose – to bring healing and awakeni people to their higher self. Add to that the opportunity to invest in others; a portion of the profits goes to NGO’s: The Cookbook Project and Zahara’s own non-profit consulting work, Mala Magic.

Zahara Jade is “a niche brand of socially conscious lifestyle clothing & accessories which aims to revolutionize the way we think about ourselves, our highest potential, and consumerism.” Albeit a new concept to the Western mind, it’s an ideal that's worth looking into.

A match made in heaven, it's jewelry with a conscience. 

You can view Zahara Jade’s items on her website and follow her on any of the social media platforms listed below:

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By Tamara Holder

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