Frequently Asked Questions



What is Colabination?

Colabination is an e-commerce marketplace that empowers independent fashion designers to be discovered. Designers showcase their story and apparel through their very own Showroom. Shoppers browse emerging designers on our Rolodex, learn their stories by entering designer Showrooms, and make inspired, meaningful purchases directly from the designer.

How do I sell on Colabination?

If you are interested in selling on Colabination, please visit our Designer Application Form. We review our designers for quality, so making the grade means your brand is truly among the cream of the crop.

What is the Rolodex?

The Rolodex is Colabination’s curated list of independent fashion designers. It is the first thing you see when you come to our site!

Are there any fees for using Colabination?

Colabination charges a 15% commission per sale and a $10/mo. fee to cover set-up and site maintenance costs. Don’t starve our interns!

How do I know that I have received an order?

When a Designer receives an order through Colabination, a personal Sales Associate will communicate with the Designer by e-mail.

What do I do when I receive an order?

After Colabination sends an Order Notification to a Designer, the Designer fulfills the order and ships directly to the Shopper! The Designer e-mails a designated Sales Associate with the shipping provider and tracking information for the order.

How am I paid?

After Colabination receives a shipping confirmation for an order, the Designer is paid through direct deposit or PayPal, at the discretion of the Designer. Colabination pays international designers through PayPal only. Don’t be afraid, though - it is easy to set-up a PayPal account here:

How do I update my inventory?

In order to update your inventory, e-mail Felix Kane at, and Felix will get the process started for you. Colabination takes all the work off your shoulders.

How do I upload more products?

Simply click Here. If you have even more products to upload, then click Here.

What separates Colabination from websites like Karmaloop, etsy, or eBay?

Colabination is dedicated to empowering independent fashion designers to be discovered. We focus on the discovery of great brands and powerful stories, not just cool products. We believe personal connections to an amazing designer story create an unparalleled, meaningful shopping experience. Our attitude of service to designers and our emphasis on brand separate Colabination from product-focused competitors.

I have further questions - who do I contact?

If you have any more questions, e-mail our Sales Associate Felix Kane at