Online shopping is saturated with mainstream corporations and multi-million dollar marketing budgets. You won't find those brands here.

We represent the little guy. Kinda like the Mom & Pop shops of online fashion & design.  All makers and doers are welcome to Colabination, but we're pro's at scouting originality and authenticity in the ethos of brands we represent. It is our mission to seek out and empower these indie brands and contemporary designers to be discovered.





Marketplace Exposure

Join our co-op community of makers, shakers & doers who are changing the way the world supports indie brands & contemporary designers.

  • Sell to Colabination's global audience of twenty-something men & women that value independent thinking, counter culture, progressive politics and an appreciation of the arts.


Tailored Showroom 

The Showroom is your soap-box, spotlight and stage to tell your story to our eager audience of fashion & style enthusiasts. Showrooms streamline shopping with our bio story browse-and-buy experience.

Account Manager

  • Each brand has a personal Account Manager dedicated to guiding you to success

No Hidden Fees

  • List as many items as you like for free, but must maintain a minimum of 10 styles at all times.


Merchant Tools  

We sell it, you ship it. From start to finish, Colabination will handle all aspects of order fulfilment on your behalf. Our customer care team’s top priority is to ensure everything runs smoothly and all shoppers are satisfied.  


  • Learn what's selling, when, and where in your analytics dashboard

  • Its never been so easy to manage everything from one place


Designer News-bundle   

Our bi-weekly Designer News-bundle will help you nail down the perfect brand identity or develop a social media strategy. We’ve scoured the web to partner with top industry sources to provide it all here exclusive to our designers.