How It Works



Step 1: Invite Shoppers

Just invite five new shoppers each month. Select anyone you deem worthy - your friends, your followers, your coworkers, your mom - and get them shopping. 

Short-term memory loss? Don't worry - we'll send you a monthly reminder to invite your next five.



Step 2: Send Product

We'll be frank: sending us a product once for a giveaway vs. paying a monthly membership fee is a steal.

Reap the endless benefits of a product giveaway, like social media exposure, viral marketing, and an increase in traffic to your showroom (i.e, more money in your pocket). 

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Step 3: Share on Social  

Don't be shy. Shout it from the rooftops that you're on Colabination. The more people you tell, the more items you sell.

Regram us, like and share on Facebook, and follow our blog for useful tips and articles that you can share with your followers. We're social, you should be too.