Getting Started


Getting Started

GetTING Started



Step 1: Business Details 


 What you'll need:

  • Contact Information

  • Brand Story: 150 words - 1 paragraph - Be Creative!

  • Social Media Information 

  • Shipping Information

  • Billing Information


Step 2:Product Upload


Product Prep:

  • 1 High Resolution Brand Logo 

  • High Res. Product Images (min. 10 products)

  • Minimum of 5 Lifestyle Photos

  • Creative Product Names & Descriptions

  • Inventory Reserves 

  • Product Details: Price + Sizing + Material Info

Check out our quick image guide


STEP 3:Showroom Launch


Showroom Launch:

We're working very hard to build and take your Showroom live as quickly as possible. Once completed, you will receive an email requesting approval to move forward and take the Showroom live. If you would like to make edits, no problem! Please response to the same email with your edits. Typically we're oversubscribed with designer submissions, so please allow some time for updates to take place. Thank you.  


If you have any questions, please contact our Designer Relationships Manager at




Designer FAQ

Designer FAQ

Designer FAQ

Designer Fees

Membership is free! Additionally, there are no costs for promotional materials or banner space. We charge a 30% commission on all sales generated through the Colabination website ( This commission is not inclusive of shipping & tax.

Shipping Policy

Designers will be responsible for all U.S shipping fees associated with sales through Colabination’s website ( This includes, but is not limited to shipping to a consumer, returns on damaged or incorrect items, re-shipments for lost items, etc. We will discuss shipping fees with international designers on a case by case basis. All designers must submit shipping information within 5 days or you will receive a strike. After 3 strikes, you will be removed permanently from Colabination.


In the case of returns, Colabination will act as the go-between for the consumer and the brand. The consumer may either choose a full refund or request an exchange for their item. When receiving a return, or an exchange, please contact when the item is received so we can ensure the customer is refunded in a timely manner.

Collaborative Marketing

Working with our network of small business partners & influencers is strongly encouraged. Collaborations include, but not limited to, brand partnerships, brand ambassador programs, product giveaways, cross-promotional materials, collaborative collections, and shopper invites.


In order to give time for us to develop our relationship with designers, the minimum length of membership with Colabination is 12 months. In addition to making Colabination a reliable source to our customers, time allows for the accumulation of data, enhancing the usefulness of our analytics tools.


The minimum number of items that a designer can have on display in the showroom is 10. All you need to do is provide pictures and accurate descriptions of your items - we will take care of making your page and formatting/positioning your content.

Designer Payday

We know that money today is worth more than money in the future, so we pass on your revenue from sales every two weeks. If you have not received payment within 2 weeks of your product being shipped, please contact

Nonexclusive Relationship

By entering into an agreement with Colabination, you do not forfeit your right to sell elsewhere, in other words, you are not exclusively bound to Colabination.