Congratulations! Out of hundreds of content creators, our team hand picked you to represent over 150 of the hottest independent apparel brands from across the globe. What does that mean? This is your opportunity to spread the word about your favorite brands on Colab, not to mention make some money while doing it. We’ll work hard to make sure you have the best brands to pick from and all of the resources you may need to make these the best posts you can. So grab your phone and get sharing. What are you waiting for? 


How it works

How it works

Your Mission:

We view our reps as the direct connection between Colabination and the outside world, keeping their following up to date with all of the new brands and dope products coming onto the site. You mission is simple; rep Colabination in all ways always. 


How It Works:

Every Brand Rep will be given a PERSONALIZED DISCOUNT CODE. With this code you and your friends will receive a 10% DISCOUNT off everything on Colabination. Plus, you will be hooked up with 10% COMMISSION on every order that is placed with your Rep Code!

Saving up for something on the site? Upgrade your commission by 20% and earn COLAB CASH. What's COLAB CASH? Boost your commission from all sales made with your Rep Code by 20% and earn COLAB CASH that will go towards anything on our site. Request your COLAB CASH whenever you feel like shopping. 

To best serve the brands we represent, we will be tracking your performance throughout your first 90 days as a rep. To keep those commission checks rolling in and in good standing with us you should be making at least 2 social posts and 2 sales week. 

At the end of 90 days, we decide who makes the cut and who gets the boot. Reps who pass the test will start earning higher commission, receive exclusive invitations to top industry events and pop-up shops not available to the public. Those who impress us the most may even receive an offer to come work at Colabination HQ. 



At the end of each month, you will receive a payment via Paypal, for your commission earned. Additionally, you will receive a metric report outlining your monthly activity and sales.



  • Every time someone uses your personal discount code, you earn a 10% commission from every sale.

  • You receive 10% off the entire website as well.

  • Opportunity to upgrade your commission by 20% and earn Colab Cash. 

  • Internship and full-time positions with Colabination.

  • Support local & independent apparel brands to make the world a better place, or at least better dressed.




Expectations of Rep:

  • ·    Actively spread the word about Colabination

    • Send a text or email to family and friends with your discount code -- reach out to 5 people a week and you'll find success!

    • Pass out flyers and other materials on campus

    •  Get Creative! Think of innovative to ways to drive traffic to + Feel free to share them with us at

  • Rep Colabination on social media

    • Update your social media bio’s to reflect that you are a Colabination Rep (See Examples Below) 

    •  Make about 2 posts on social media a week. Performance will be monitored*

    • Start conversations, tag your fashionable friends, tell stories about the brands you love

    • Use appropriate hashtags for ALL posts (See Below). Remember to ALWAYS tag @Colabination + any other brand you are showcasing in that post  

  • Most Importantly: Drive sales. We urge you shoot for about 2 sales per week*  



#RepNation #Colabination # ShopLocal


Example Rep Instagram Post:

Below are examples of the ideal Instagram bio as well as an Instagram post:



Facebook Message



Stay Connected

If you ever need to reach us, you can contact our Rep Program Manager at: