Chicago, IL


Aithō is a brand of adornments, accessories and accoutrements, all hand fabricated by Crystal Wells. Inspired by her studies of fashion design and art, she makes one of a kind pieces to express and enhance individuality and style of the wearer. Each piece is one of a kind and styles are reproduced, by hand, in limited quantities.  Aithō focuses on jewelry produced using traditional metal and silversmithing techniques including forging/forming, hand fabrication and creative stone-setting to create modern and memorable pieces. 




Los Angeles, CA

Inspired by the sights and essence of street style and people expressing their individuality freely.




Sydney, Australia

Discordance Jewelry is a merge between the comfortable and the impractical. We strive to make something so different it's unforgettable.




Los Angeles, CA

Straight out of Los Angeles, California, Miss Wax has a vibrant collection of jewelry and accessories featuring a youthful edge that has defined the brand's signature aesthetic.