Dallas, TX


ARS (A Rare Sight) Co. was founded by designer, Vincent Joseph. Growing up, the creative process of bringing something to fruition intrigued me. I was heavily into art, music, and my clothing. I always cared about how I presented myself. ARS is simply a lifestyle brand born from my vision. Seeing too many similar brands, my need to create, and the attitude of "Why Not?" led us to the brand we see here. The motto is Vision x Quality. The tag is #ONSIGHT





Atlantic Beach, FL

A fashion forward lifestyle brand driven and inspired by music. We make quality clothing using the finest materials from Peru.



San Francisco, CA

Born in California, built for the World. California Crown seeks to create highest quality headwear and garments in efforts to build a local and global community.



Tampa, FL

Hollywood Hamilton is inspired by street art, street culture, and high-fashion. It was founded with the purpose of creating apparel that embodied style and comfort without sacrificing a level of sophistication.n