Puerto Rico


Divine Schematic jewelry is designed in Dorado, Puerto Rico by Reiki Master, Lauri Ramos, who takes inspiration from nature’s subtle patterns, sights and shapes to create her collection. By using the earth’s powerful energy found in semi-precious stones, and its vibrations, she creates simplicity and beauty in every piece.

The stones are carefully handpicked, selecting captivating minerals which resonate higher vibrations. Since crystals are such natural repositories for energy (Shamans and healers have been using crystals for thousands of years to absorb, heal and transform) through reiki, they are cleansed from the energy and vibrations they may have absorbed from their surroundings and charged with Universal Life Force Energy.




Chicago, IL

Aitho is a brand of adornments, accessories, and accoutrements, all hand fabricated by Crystal Wells. They are a result of a life of loving and learning about all things art, fashion, and the handmade process.




Sydney, Australia

Discordance Jewelry is a merge between the comfortable and the impractical. We strive to make something so different it's unforgettable.



Los Angeles, CA

Straight out of Los Angeles, California, Miss Wax has a vibrant collection of jewelry and accessories featuring a youthful edge that has defined the brand's signature aesthetic.