Los Angeles, CA


As a brand our goal is to offer honest, high quality watches and sunglasses without brand inflation. By being online only, we avoid the middlemen and keep our mark-up low. We pass that on to our customers and let you know exactly what goes into our products. Enclave MFG CO. had an idea to expose the sunglass industry and create a pair of sunglasses that rivaled the high end frames without the brand inflation.




Brisbane, Australia

Australian-born leather makers locally raised in Brisbane with a "Good Life" state of mind. Bon Vivant: [French] literally, "one who lives well".



Los Angeles, CA

A collection of minimal and modern day design for men of traditional and American values. 100% fair trade and family owned, an independent label made for the individual man.



Austin, TX

OZAPATO  creates quality boot with a strong personality and feeling of uniqueness, all the while maintaining the strengths of the original design.