Boston, Massachusetts


Our brand emphasizes on unique designs that cater to the trendy and fashionable world. We take away the complexity of trying to understand fashion, and instead give people the opportunity to define it for themselves. Our brand consists of hand crafted pieces that display originality and a classic look. Exquisite Collections is aiming to be the breakthrough line that doesn’t classify itself as only street and hip hop apparel, but also as everyday apparel. Our clothing is different from other lines and our designs are always unique and exclusive. By being exclusive, we only offer limited amounts of each design. 




Santa Barbara, CA

Akomplice is a movement. Characterized solely by the love inherent in each individual moment. Their philosophy is simple: Evolution through Innovation.



Denver, CO

Our clothing & apparel represents people and what they love, so that's what we create and drive forward, all while inspiring and radiating positivity.