Los Angeles, CA


"Flea Market Girl" was inspired by the sights and essence of street style and people expressing their individuality freely. The jewelry pieces combine raw minerals, semi precious stones, bronze, leather, and brass metal. The style combination creates an array of looks for the line, from edgy to dainty, which is expected to make the quintessential “flea market girl” feel confident in her own style.




Chicago, IL

Aitho is a brand of adornments, accessories, and accoutrements, all hand fabricated by Crystal Wells. They are a result of a life of loving and learning about all things art, fashion, and the handmade process.




Sydney, Australia

Discordance Jewelry is a merge between the comfortable and the impractical. We strive to make something so different it's unforgettable.



Los Angeles, CA

Straight out of Los Angeles, California, Miss Wax has a vibrant collection of jewelry and accessories featuring a youthful edge that has defined the brand's signature aesthetic.