Quezon City, Philippines


Gouache creates stylish specialty bags for the active, artistic urbanites and the adventure lovers. The brand seeks to introduce canvas waxing to the local bag industry, a technique that requires each bag to be meticulously handcrafted and guarantees that each piece has a unique finish. No two Gouache creations are exactly the same, and like leather, your waxed-canvas bags age and grow more interesting as you wear them.




Brisbane, Australia

Australian-born leather makers locally raised in Brisbane with a "Good Life" state of mind. Bon Vivant: [French] literally, "one who lives well". 



Toronto, CA

Our Taste Maker concept combines beach and cottage life. We create products that are both uniquely universal and versatile. 




Brooklyn, NY

GoodWood is a company & brand focused on creativity and design. We offer a variety of products and accessories with an unlimited ability to design and customize your own. .