Pittsburgh, PA


As a reserved individual, I always felt misrepresented or misinterpreted. Like a uniform, clothing is another way to show who you are and what you represent, without directly saying it. Feeling brainwashed by big logos and big brands, I always felt the need to stray away from that because everyone can't relate to a logo and a logo can only represent so much. Using this, I tend to design with certain concepts in mind and ideals that I tend to make the shirts a billboard for. With the underlying slogan "Made in Vain," intended to be a flip on "Made in USA," it has an underlying role in explicitly stating that items are made with certain ideals in mind. 




Marbella, Spain

Eris Black by Kobe Sante takes a couture approach and designs everything to be rare and unique. All products hand finished to ensure the highest quality.




Brooklyn, NY

NY STATE OF MIND is an independent lifestyle brand inspired by Real Hip Hop, Skateboard & NYC Street Culture with a focus on quality over quantity. Since day one! 




It all started with a simple idea – to design fresh high-quality items we wanted ourselves. A brand Inspired by European street trends & contemporary fashion, Brown Boy aims to redefine street & everyday style for men in India.