Chicago, Illinois


Chicago-based lifestyle brand Iridium Clothing Co, was founded in 2008 by local clothing stylist and buyer Gregory "Platinum" Williams. Platinum began to unleash his creative skill by designing the luxury pieces that we now call Iridium. In 2011 he met a musician by the name of Pugs Atomz through Facebook and sponsored the artist, allowing them to establish a friendship and partnership. Pugs Atomz was a buzzing artist overseas that took the brand from local to international notoriety. When Atomz moved back to Chicago from London he and Platinum set a goal to make Iridium more than a brand, it was to make it a lifestyle. With these two great minds working together they formed an energy that attracted celebrities like Justin Bieber, Chris Brown, Kid Ink, Bennie Man, Marvin Jones (Bengals) `the Instagram famous Westbrook Sisters, Empire Tv Show, Waka Flocka, a hand full of  popular stylists to the line.




Brooklyn, NY

NY STATE OF MIND is an independent lifestyle brand inspired by Real Hip Hop, Skateboard & NYC Street Culture with a focus on quality over quantity. Since day one! 




Hoboken, NJ

Drawing inspiration from the practice and glory of competitive sport and the American dream, this brand puts a new twist on classic sportswear and merchandise. 



Brooklyn, NY

Inspired by busy city streets and dusty country roads, we hope you bring us on your adventures, big or small. We make the good times great – the first sip of Fall cider, skating on a freshly frozen pond, picnicking in the park with your best mates and rooftop dance parties on sticky summer nights.