Manchester, UK


It all began in 2012 with a small, intimate team of creatives who dreamt up a fashion label for girls that want more, without having to pay the world. Sleek cuts, clean lines and considered details, taking a contemporary approach to creating timeless style. Art, culture and travel all influence the silhouettes, fabrication and colors to create a collection that’s individual and distinctly different pushing boundaries by challenging the perception of modern femininity in fashion.




Irvine, CA

Embodying the casual lifestyle of Southern California Oh! SoCali Clothing is influenced by the beach, people, travel and art.




Chicago, IL

ARAE features organic prints and ombres of color using the Japanese tie-dye technique, Shibori. Because of this technique, no two items will ever be the same.




Chaing Mai, Thailand

Zahara Jade is a niche brand of socially conscious lifestyle clothing & accessories which aims to revolutionize the way we think about ourselves, our highest potential, and consumerism.