Bowie, MD


The iconic Original Crackage style features complex geometric patterns on simple pieces like the standard T-shirt. Each design is manufactured in limited quantities. This is where the word original comes in. Before there were words like "tight", or even "cool"  people even used the word "crack." Especially in the DMV, urban trendsetters use "crack" to describe something as appealing or stylish. As we see it, lines are the original crackage of design; so it’s only right to chose one of the original words for cool to describe this unique take on fashion.




New York, NY

The Wise Nation is the heart of Wise Guy, a community of creative minds, culture, and unity.



Barcelona, Spain

The trade color of the brand is precisely the absence of all colors, and not merely by chance. Dystopia bets for the use of black as a base, intending to wrap up the diversity of cultures, representing all and none of them at the same time. 



Oslo, Norway

Always on the hunt to break boundaries within the art of design, Killer Brigade went from a being sold out of the trunk of a car to reaching people all around the globe.