Los Angeles, CA


A streetwear brand inspired by culture, politics, but most importantly, art. A collective that represents Los Angeles in its gritty past and lavish future, where uncensored art is translated into fashion. The brand maintains a quality, casual feel inspired by luxury living that appeals to anyone, worldwide.


Eris Black 

Marabella, Spain

Eris Black by Kobe Sante takes a couture approach in every piece designed. The products we produce will always be rare and unique. We pick the highest quality fabrics and hand finish each item to produce top quality products.

ilona USA

Los Angeles, CA

The seed of what would become Ilona USA was planted in the fall of 2011 in a dorm room in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, as two friends tinkered with designs on their computers and imagined the graphics on t-shirts. 



Atlanta Beach, FL

A fashion forward lifestyle brand driven and inspired by music. We make quality clothing using the finest materials from Peru.