Gallipolis, OH


Aaron has spent several years working to develop fine leather goods of the highest quality and craftsmanship. It started as an apprenticeship at a first and second generation cobbler shop, then turned into long nights in his backyard shed, and is now a full-time family business. Aaron has an expansive knowledge and appreciation for the history of his craft. He salvages and restores specialized tools for his workshop and has mastered techniques long lost from the common vocabulary of corporate leather manufacturers. All products are proudly made by hand in Gallipolis, Ohio, U.S.A.




Brisbane, Australia

Australian-born leather makers locally raised in Brisbane with a "Good Life" state of mind. Bon Vivant: [French] literally, "one who lives well".



Los Angeles, CA

A collection of minimal and modern day design for men of traditional and American values. 100% fair trade and family owned, an independent label made for the individual man.



Austin, TX

OZAPATO  creates quality boot with a strong personality and feeling of uniqueness, all the while maintaining the strengths of the original design.