Detroit, MI


Uneek Collection was established in 200 as a brand premised around Music & Fashion. Through an unwavering commitment to success Uneek Collection has continued to grow their brand and expose themselves to the world.  In 2012, Uneek made the decision to evolve into a LIFESTYLE brand.  While the brands unchanging mission statement of Unifying Nationalities by Encouraging Education & Knowledge, it became of importance to visibly demonstrate what it means on a daily bases. Through this evolution the brand has expanded into areas of events, entertainment, fitness, education, charitable initiatives and much more.  While Fashion and Music continues to be staples under our UNEEK umbrella. As our story continues,which is far from being done, we do everything with one mantra in mind, "My Life, My Brand."  #UNEEKLIFE



Salt Lake City UT

Our goal is to design an apparel brand for the stylish individual in an atmosphere that is original and carefree.

Wolf & Man

Los Angeles, CA

A collection of minimal and modern day design for men of traditional and American values. 

Eris Black

Marbella, Spain

Eris Black by Kobe Sante takes a couture approach and designs everything to be rare and unique.