Los Angeles, CA


The ultimate cool-girl, lifestyle brand straight out of SoCal. Our Valley Girls love streetwear but don’t mind wearing a dress or two when the occasion calls for it. They are the cool girls with style and are always up for an adventure. The have an affection for menswear but like to hold it down on their own, creating their own style and always making statements with their outfits. The Valley Girls are the new squad on campus; slaying the style game and taking all the boys.





Los Angeles, CA

We pledge to put the garment first – providing high quality products with stark, in-your-face graphics that connect to people on a deeper level than the typical knee-jerk response to a company logo. While others have tried to use their name to sell the design, we’re committed to using the design to sell our name.



Chicago, IL

Anna Hovet (Womenswear) and HØVET (Menswear) is an American Made apparel company that resonates smart style and ease by fusing modern aesthetics, high-end design and the maximum comfort of street wear. 



San Francisco, CA

We have a passion for street culture and a deep rooted love for our home state. We decided we needed an artistic medium for our passion.